About the Writer


Hello! I’m Colleen, and this is my travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to mainly the adventures I go on.

I’m a nursing and psychology double-major currently based out of the Chicago area with a thirst for travel and the greater joys in life, and when I’m not working in the dietetics department of a hospital, I can usually be found curled up with a good book, going to concerts, or binging Grey’s Anatomy (What can I say, the medical field and I are one and the same!)

After I graduate college, the dream job is working at Lurie Children’s Hospital in downtown Chicago, and bettering the lives of the kids I come across. I’d love to continue to travel as long as I live, incorporating the values from different cultures into my lifestyle as well as leaving behind some great stories to tell to my future grandkids of course!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts even more than I have enjoyed writing them!