Chicago Food: Hashbrowns

Since beginning school at UIC in August, I’ve had the opportunity to truly embrace my foodie side, and visit restaurants that are not only well publicized, but also the ones that are overlooked to the out of town traveler. I begin a new portion of my blog with a review of my new weekly staple, Hashbrowns.

Located just off the corner of Maxwell and Halsted, (With a second location in the North Side!) Hashbrowns is fairly invisible and easy to walk past. It’s located just two storefronts down from the corner, with the UIC staple on the end (Bar Louie) and a Mexican restaurant between that I’ve been told to avoid.

I’ve been to Hashbrowns enough times to be on a first name basis and shared life stories with my favorite waiter, and I have yet to try a single thing off the menu that I didn’t like. From breakfast foods (served with none other than hashbrowns- regular or sweet potato) to grilled chicken, to cheeseburgers (too many to decide from!) there’s something there to please everyone, from gluten free to vegetarian options.

And better yet, it’s cheap. Like broke and underfed college student cheap. Most entrees are around $11, but you could definitely go cheaper or spend more if you’d like!

Granted, I like to splurge a bit on myself when I sit down to eat, but even on the cheaper end, the portion sizes are more than enough to keep you comfortably full for a long time.


For Breakfast: Cinnamon Blueberry French Toast ($11), Loaded French Toast ($13)Hashbrownz


For Lunch: Grilled Chicken Breast & Avocado ($11), The Taylor Street Burger ($11)


A full menu can be found at



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