Things You Deal With as a Transfer Student

After graduating from my respective community college with honors (see me above with the overly decorated cap!) and changing my final decision on where to transfer (University of Illinois-Chicago!), I found myself immersed in the transfer process, which was much more of a pain in the butt than anticipated. Thus, I am taking a transition from my travel blog to laugh in frustration at how tricky the transfer process can be.


1. Learning How to Navigate a Second Campus

You mean I have to find out where the best bathrooms, the quietest study areas, and where my classrooms are all over again?!

2. Having to Make a New Group of Friends

Sure, college has already brought me tons of new best friends who I love hanging out with, but when we’re all transferring to completely different schools, it leaves me no other choice but to find new people who accept my weirdness as much as my old friends did.

3. Trying (And Failing!) to Get Transcripts Processed

It took me 2 months before all of my classes finalized well enough for me to schedule the next classes in sequence and take placement tests. Not to mention when your transfer school doesn’t accept your credits because you have too many or they aren’t equivalent classes! This is honestly the most frustrating step since it make or breaks your schedule as well.

4. Going Through Orientation, Convocation, etc. All Over Again!

Honestly just more attempts at getting me to socialize with people I’ll never see again since our major plans are COMPLETELY different from one another. There’s free food though!?

5. Dealing With a Changed Commute

No longer can I roll out of bed at 9am, just an hour before class, pick up some coffee, and be on time. School isn’t just half an hour away anymore, now it’s an hour and a half. Cheers to 530am Metra train rides to get to my 830am class on time!

6. New School, New Spiritwear

Honestly I have less money in my bank account than I did in 8th grade, but I NEED that new college shirt….and sweatshirt…and car decal…and water bottle. Drop any new sororities/frats/organizations in there, and BOOM! A financial nightmare.

7. New School = New Slang Terms and Abbreviations

How was I supposed to know SSB and SCE meant Student Services Building and Student Center East in every email my college sends me? Why is there 6 dorms with different acronyms? What is this new regional slang people are saying?

8. Introducing Yourself in EVERY Class…Again

As a transfer junior, this can be more rare since people think you’ve already been on campus for two years. But then, you’ll find yourself in that classroom where the teacher asks each transfer student to introduce themselves along with where you’ve transferred from.

9. Adjusting to a New Learning Management System

My old school used Canvas, now I have to teach myself Blackboard AND hope I’m turning in all my assignments correctly. Why can’t we all just use the same one??

10. Pushing Through, Despite it All

Though frustrating, transferring to a new school is super exciting. So hang in there, fellow transfer students, we’ll figure out the ropes soon enough!




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