The (Un)luck of the Irish, and Everything in Between: Ireland, Pt.1

5 days post-Ireland, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve finally made a full recovery from the 19 hours of traveling, and all of the jetlag that added up after 4 nights of no sleep!

Since I was there for 2 full days (and then some) I’m splitting my Ireland trip into two parts; Day 1 is my time in Dublin, and Day 2 is my time across the country in Galway.

Unfortunately for this first post, only a few of the pictures will be my own. Of course, as any good tourist would, I had taken several pictures of everything I saw. Theft got the better of me though, and I found myself with my phone stolen out of my hand by a bicyclist within 5 hours of my landing in Dublin (Can I check “being scared in a foreign country” off my anti-bucket list now?). Nonetheless, Dublin was beautiful and had much to offer me, so at the very least I have the experience of being there to talk about!

I landed in Dublin at about 10am, and after some time in customs (where I’m always afraid I’ll say something wrong and get in trouble!) I made it to Usher’s Quay before 11am!

I used the Airlink 747 bus to get to Dublin. Now, whether you like public transport or prefer the solidarity of a taxi cab, the Airlink buses are the CHEAPEST and fairly efficient way to get there. I paid 10€ for a return ticket, but the bus fare one way is only 6€. Honestly, how could you go wrong, when taxi fares are at least 20€ for the same distance?


The Airlink buses have several drop-off points throughout the city, but Usher’s Quay was closest to where I wanted to be. They drop you off along the River Liffey, as you can see above.

My hostel didn’t allow check-in until 2pm, so I took this opportunity to just walk around and explore the area. I ran into the famed Temple Bar, which I believe is probably hard to find if you were actually looking for it, as I took a side street (that looked more like an alley) and walked through a few streets like this to find it.

Courtesy of

I also did some shopping in the Ilac Shopping Centre, one of Dublin’s big shopping malls, to catch up on the European fashion. It might be overcast and rainy almost everyday there, but it doesn’t do anything to hurt how fashionable the people in Dublin are!

Courtesy of

And of course, I had to get a little taste of home in a foreign country, and was pleasantly surprised with the spelling of my name on the cup:


Traditionally, my name in Ireland is spelled as Cailín, but is still pronounced as Colleen, which is just the Americanized spelling. I’m still tempted to change it to the traditional spelling, but then think of how hard it is already for people to pronounce my name as it is; unless you live in Ireland, this is just a phonetical nightmare.

After a little more walking around…and my phone getting stolen…and putting in statements with the Irish Guard (which are lovely people!) I finally committed to staying in for the rest of the night, and meeting my hostel roommates, which were also very lovely. Two were from Brazil (one a mother, one a student, neither knew each other), one was from Hamburg, Germany, and on the second night we were joined by two girls from the States (Who didn’t talk to us once) and a girl who was an Irish Citizen, but out in Dublin for work.

Second post will be up soon!



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