Arrived at O’Hare…

It’s 6am-most of you (in Chicago, at least) are still fast asleep, and I’ve already walked through security, picked up my standard cup of coffee, and have plopped myself in front of my gate, where I will sit for (at least) the next 3 hours.

Fun, right?

Okay, not fun, but still exciting as heck!

It’s the morning of Day 1 (which will turn into Day 2 as I fly over the Atlantic later this evening) and the nerves are kicking in, but the adrenaline rush of setting out on a new frontier alone is what makes me the travel junkie I am.

Of course, I’ll be sitting tight for quite awhile. Since I am a standby passenger on 99.9% of flights I take, my days at the airport often are full of anxiety of getting to the gate on time, sitting as close to the ticket counter as possible, and hopng that maybe, just maybe, there’s enough vacant seats that I’ll be able to finally take a deep breath as I’m handed a boarding pass with an actual seat number on it. 

Obviously, there are times when the deep breath is in frustration, because it’s the 3rd flight in a row to my destination I’m bumped off of, and I’ve already been at the airport for 9 hours (been there, done that!).

Of course, the benefits of having this status (Thanks mom!) are DEFINITELY more of a blessing than a curse.

For the (very) low price of $12, I fly virtually across the globe. My time is most definitely worth the money I save.

As I go along this trip, I will do my best to blog my days, but most likely I will be posting a lump of pictures and posts the day I come back.

I leave you now to go convert some cash into Euros!

Au revoir!



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